[RDD] Spinitron RLM

Andy Sayler andy at wmfo.org
Thu Nov 22 18:21:34 EST 2012

You can use git to clone the live repository directly via a call to:

git clone git at github.com:WMFO/Rivendell-Spinitron-Update.git

Or if you'd prefer to avoid the whole VCS/git side of things, you can
download the tar or zip file of any of the stable code snapshots from the
"Tags" tab: https://github.com/WMFO/Rivendell-Spinitron-Update/tags.

Finally, you can download a tar or zip of the live repository (not
necessarly stable) via the "Downloads" tab:
https://github.com/WMFO/Rivendell-Spinitron-Update/downloads. Although I'd
recommend avoiding this option and either grabbing one of the Tag downloads
if you want stable code, or using git directly to clone the repo if you
want development code.

Let us know how it goes.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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> Where's the download link?
> Rob
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