[RDD] using ssh as desktop helpdesk in trblshooting RD problems

VE4PER/ Andy ve4per at aim.com
Mon Nov 12 12:09:44 EST 2012

Has anyone used ssh connection to actually view a remote desktop as a 
way to see and trblshoot w/s problems?

I use ssh -a -X userid at IPaddress with server running in the w/s allowing 
login. It gives me terminal access in real time and allows me to run new 
instances of window/GUI pgms remotely, however I am not able to actually 
see or share the existing desktop.

Is there something wrong with the syntax I am using to gain remote 
desktop GUI access and control to be able to be more assistance to the 
remote operator?

Have used other viewers as well, yet seem only to be able to run in 
console mode or X displays of specific applications rather than viewing 
full desktop?



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