[RDD] Rivendell on Qt4

Alban Peignier alban at tryphon.eu
Tue May 29 04:34:32 EDT 2012

Hi all,

The Debian team announces this week that Qt3 will not be included in the
next stable release :

Ana Beatriz Guerrero López blogged about the removal of Qt3 from
Debian [3]: the package was orphaned [4] a year ago and, as nobody has
volunteered to maintain it, is now a candidate for removal before the
release of "Wheezy". A wiki page tracking the status of the removal [5]
is available.

    3 :
    4 : http://bugs.debian.org/625502
    5 : http://wiki.debian.org/qt3-x11-freeRemoval

For the moment, it's not a blocker problem for us (debian packagers)
because I think/hope that Qt3 backport packages will be available in a
first time.

But we will be happy to include (soon) the Qt4 support in the packages ;)

Alban Peignier - alban at tryphon.eu

Tryphon : Radio, Web et Logiciels Libres

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