[RDD] Debian/Ubuntu RC packages for 2.1.4

Alban Peignier alban at tryphon.eu
Thu May 24 05:18:43 EDT 2012

Hi all,

The Rivendell Debian/Ubuntu 2.1.4 packages are available for download
and test : http://download.tryphon.eu/debian/

Packages are now available for Ubuntu oneiric and precise. The QT build
problem is fixed with this configure/acinclude.m4 patch :

Two other (small) patchs were needed to fix icons and xdg Makefiles :
http://bit.ly/Ls5qZM and http://bit.ly/KS7Hi5

Lucid and sid are not available for moment because of problems on our
build platform.

Source packages are available on

Alban Peignier - alban at tryphon.eu

Tryphon : Radio, Web and Free Software

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