[RDD] Timed log events and live sports events

Dave B. info at dbickford.com
Sun May 20 14:39:29 EDT 2012

Most of our program providers will send an "end of game" tone. But 
here's the issue. Most ID's and bottom of hour breaks for regular 
satellite programming get a Hard Time to help stay in synch in case we 
miss a break tone or whatever. Now, let's say we have a baseball game 
scheduled from 2pm-5pm. At 5pm we are scheduled to join Fox Sports. 
Let's say our baseball game goes into extra innings or otherwise goes 
past 5pm. The hard start at the top of Fox Sports would dump out of the 
game or a Make Next later in the clock would position the log 
incorrectly. We could eliminate the timed events in the first hour of 
anything following live sports, but then we'd run into another problem. 
Let's say the game goes to 5:20pm. The log would be sitting on break #1 
of Fox Sports, but in reality we should be waiting for break #2. Without 
a timed event of some sort in that hour the log will be in the wrong 
spot indefinitely. Does that make sense, or are we making this more 
difficult than they should be?

I know one could use a macro to start the log at a certain line. We 
could possibly use that in conjunction with the "end of game" contact 

Sometimes our programming is too complicated to automate 100% so we have 
someone log in remotely to tweak thing things at game transitions or 
some other difficult moment. I don't see why we couldn't continue to do 
that with Rivendell if absolutely necessary. But the less manual 
intervention, the better!

On 5/20/2012 9:24 AM, Wayne Merricks wrote:
> The timed events will just shunt the log to that point.  You can always put a Stop transition on it.  Instead of re-enabling the timed events why not have the end of the Sports log trigger a play next of the main log?
> If its completely automated, what is the signal that the sports events have finished with your current system?  Is it silence? A sports presenter pressing a button?
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> One last hurdle before I'm 100% convinced Rivendell can handle our
> rather complicated programming (I'm 99% there now): Is there a way to
> temporarily disable and re-enable timed events? The reason we would need
> to do this is so any timed log events (such as an ID with a hard start
> time) that are scheduled after a live sports event won't bail out of it
> if that game runs over it's allotted time (and they often do run long).
> With our current system the first log item of a sports event disables
> any timed events and the last log item of the sports event re-enables
> them. If this is not possible how do sports/talk stations deal with
> variable length live sports programming and then rejoining normal
> programming after a game? Automated with no board op of course. Or
> perhaps Rivendell has a "window" of time or number of log items in which
> it looks for timed events?
> Thanks,
> Dave
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