[RDD] Testing GPI

Dave B. info at dbickford.com
Sat May 19 13:29:34 EDT 2012

I've read a few posts about people using USB joysticks for GPI's. I 
thought I'd have a go at testing GPI's on my test installation using a 
second USB mouse. I figured the two buttons would work as GPI's. I can't 
seem to get it to work. When I plug in the mouse three items are added 
to /dev/input (event1, event2, mouse0). I've tried them all as devices 
when setting up a local GPI/O device in RDAdmin: /dev/input/event1, 
/dev/input/event2 and /dev/input/mouse0. When running rdgpimon the GPI's 
I set up are visible, but there is no activity when pressing the mouse 
buttons. I tried stopping and starting the Rivendell daemons also. Is it 
not possible to use mouse buttons as a GPI trigger?


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