[RDD] Rivendell accross multiple monitors

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I don't like complicating Rivendell with a bunch of other clutter...as we can see, just about everyone has a different thought on what works for them...

(I like the ability to put liner cards and stuff up, some people want promo copy, etc)...

what could really be interesting is a window, that you could run other programs of choice...I saw this with some bbs software years ago, you could basically "drop to dos", and then run anything you wanted, the program would then display the program to the caller on the other end of the modem)...  we don't need to go that far, but if there was a window, that could be assigned at will, everyone might be happy???

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>I would suggest adding the ability to monitor inputs to Rivendell or the sound card.  In our current system setup we play out tracks through rdairplay into our mixer then record back into the computer and send the audio to the encoder (darkice) using jack.  It would be nice if you could select an additional channel or channels to monitor as a visual cue to the host that their audio is making it back into the system, and at a proper level.
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