[RDD] Auto Recovery Question

ltyndale at tyndaleweb.com ltyndale at tyndaleweb.com
Fri May 4 20:41:58 EDT 2012


I have been looking at the ability for auto-recovery after an unexpected
reboot (such as a power failure and failed UPS, etc).

The information in the Wiki is pretty straight forward - make sure BIOS
is set to auto-on, Linux set for auto-login, and have a script / auto
start which fires RDAirplay, loads the log for the day, and does a
play-next.  Fairly straight forward, I've tested this and it works well.

I'm probably overlooking some obvious application here, so if I am I
apologize in advance.

My question is - does anyone know of a Linux app which will 1) delay a
settable amount of time before launching an app, and 2) while it is
delaying, have a visual countdown indicator on the screen with a box you
can click to cancel launching the app?  Ideally I'd like this app to be
a graphical app.

My reasoning - if an unexpected outage and reboot happens when someone
is in the studio (and lets say - for example - they're playing a CD at
time time while the computer reboots) I don't always want it to launch
right into RDAirplay and start playing a log right away.  If someone is
in the studio I'd like them to have a box pop up on the screen which
says something like "Launching RDAirplay in XX seconds" (counting down -
for this example let's say starting at 30 seconds, although this would
be a setting).  There'd be a Cancel button that could be clicked to
cancel.  Or if untouched it would launch RDAirplay using the command
line which auto-loads and starts playing a log.

I know something like this can be done with the sleep command in the
command line (which you could always ctrl-break out of it) but I'm
looking for the equivalent graphical app.

I know I've seen something like this before but for some reason it slips
my mind.


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