[RDD] User-login auditing?

ermina at studioplume.com ermina at studioplume.com
Thu May 3 18:50:39 EDT 2012


> I have a problem of DJ's coming in late. Before I start installing all
> kind of stuff, I thought of using the Rivendell-login to keep track of
> attendance.
In my setup the DJs have to launch a macro cart from RDPanel to be able to
get on air. These macros are automatically written in the rd technical
report with the precise time they were launched.
We also have a log of played event (made by a shell script from now&next
info) where i can see the time at which a transmission started.

> Are the login/logout times/dates easy accessible via a report or
> something?
AFAIK there are no "login events" reported in rdd. I might be wrong but i
didn't see any in the various reports i use.
Wait for more experienced users to confirm that or not.


. Leo
tech @ Graf'hit 94.9MHz
BP 60319 // F-60200 Compiègne

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