[RDD] Wave Extensions

Gavin Stephens small.net.nz at gmail.com
Wed May 2 18:57:38 EDT 2012

I was just flac'ing some tracks and noticed there's a few additional wave 
header bits on my files under bext called "levl". Is that Rivendell saving 
the cut level info when it imports cuts?

I ask this because I'm archiving for backup, and I thought why not use flac 
(I used to use wavpack but flac seems more common).

But I'm now cautious if I do that, that I might need to re-import the audio 
if I loose something in the wave-flac-wave process that Rivendell may be 
storing in there. Even switching on flac tags, when I decode then re-encode 
the file again the bext chunk is missing since flac doesn't say anything 
about it on the second run.


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