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I created a PHP file that executes every minute via. Cron Job that does a pgrep of rdairplay... and if rdairplay isn't running, the PHP will open up rdairplay (then waits until it loads and it gets a process ID when pgrepping) and then uses rmlsend to trigger a recovery log to make rdairplay playing again. 

This may not work for you. If you are interested in the PHP RDAirplay auto-recovery code, I can send it to you in this mailing list. 

Thanks for all the helpful responses to my problem. Yes Patrick, I'd be happy to keep that script on hand as a back up. I am, however, beginning to question the reliability of this older motherboard. After re-booting, the system has been running smoothly since the original post. So, we'll see. 

Thanks again for the assist! 


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