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Hello Folks,

I've got two questions, please.  This is running the appliance version of
rivendell on CentOS

1) how does one delete old/empty VOC tracks?  Voice tracks that are blank
0:00 and expired ones are in the library, but when one selects the cart and
goes to delete, the button is grayed out. I've tried several things within
the Rivendell GUI, but nothing will let one delete a VOC cut  as far as I
can tell.

2) Trying to get VLC to launch via rd command language to play a stream
from the internet.

By the way, it does work launching VLC manually via it's GUI interface, but
we then need to have VLC running 24/7.  We've got macros that switch on and
off that VLC's output, and this works fine, but, over time, it seems that
VLC's buffer must fill up or something because there is a longer and longer
delay in is output.

We've been trying this as a macro in RD:

RN /home/rd/shellscripts/vlctest.sh !

... how far off are we?

we do know we can get VLC to work from terminal.
this command will run it:

vlc http://ku.audioport.org:3768/......

many thanks!



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