[RDD] dropboxes.

VE4PER / Andy ve4per at aim.com
Wed Jun 29 16:51:22 EDT 2011

Hi Nathan,

what did you use as a source to generate the file in the dropbox? did 
you just put an existing file into the dropbox manually? or did you use 
an app or a process to generate the dropbox contents and does it have an 
option to kill the track number when naming the original contents?

many player-rippers autogenerate the track number for CD's but also many 
have the option to exclude the track number from the ripped filename.

Unfortunately, I am not in an on air environment with sat feeds etc so 
not exactly sure what kind of a source you would be using.


nathan.steele at thecrossfm.com wrote:
> I setup and got working a dropbox, hooray for me. now when pulling 
> data from the file name, how do i ignore parts of it. say the file nam 
> is 01-title.mp3? Iwas able to do this    %u-%t.%u, but this puts 
> things in the user defined field, yes I realize I told it to with %u, 
> but what I really want is to ignore the track number and .mp3 
> extension, the first time I tried, i had only the first %u  and got 
> titles title.mp3 in my title field. I read the info in the user guide 
> and wiki but nothing about how to ignore a portion of the filenam (or 
> I am too dense to decipher it).
> Also, any way to add a scheduler code while importing from the 
> dropbox? I tag the compressed files as LOSSY, and would like to also 
> add a tag to id the files as freshly imported, so they can be ID'ed 
> for setting markers, maybe with a code like NOMRK.
> Thanks,
> Nathan
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