[RDD] How to chain two cuts together?

Jay Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Wed Jun 29 12:11:51 EDT 2011

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> I've been using Rivendell for a few weeks now and have something I could
> use a few tips about. Namely, how can I pair up two cuts so that they
> always play back-to-back? I've got a few instances where a song on a
> CD has an intro track (Van Halen's Intruder/Oh Pretty Woman, for
> instance) and I'd like the intro to always play before the main cut.
> I know I could add both the intro and the main cut into the same cart,
> but as I understand it Rivendell will rotate these rather than play
> them in order. Is there any way I can tell Rivendell to play the cuts of a
> cart in a certain order?

Um, why don't you just glue them together and cart them as *one cut*?

This problem goes back at *least* to "We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions", 
which was both sides of a single in the early 80s, and that's what radio did:
it carted them together, so it could play them together.  I'm always sourly
amused that karaoke labels don't realize this, and track them separately...

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