[RDD] Creating announcements with the current time

Jamie Dominey jdominey at eastlink.ca
Wed Jun 22 04:53:58 EDT 2011

I see some good ideas on how to set up time announcements, and I am
going to implement one of them, but has anyone figured out a way to do
temperature announcements either using a connected thermometer or
pulling the current temperature from  a web source like a local weather
underground station?

  On Tue, 2011-06-21 at 20:20 -0500, Daniel & Lucinda Kahn wrote:
> Fred,
> If you could please look at the my earlier post with the script I am 
> using for our time announcement.  This script works very well for us.  I 
> am using audio made for Zararadio and audio for Zararadio's time 
> announcement can be found for download in number of languages.
> The macro runs in the main player and the audio is played in aux player 
> 2.  We can put what ever behind it, silence or ticking etc in the main 
> player.  We can have more then one voice for time announcements, just 
> import the audio and adjust the script and make a macro for it.
> The only problems are:
> 1. Having to import the audio into carts that are in order (not real hard)
> 2. Using Aux player 2, if one needed it for something else.
> 3. The announcement doesn't work if in manual or live assist mode (but 
> this doesn't matter because we don't need a time announcement for a live 
> program.)
> Thanks,
> Daniel
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