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Lee Baker imsoniacnerd at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 17:59:39 EDT 2011

Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has designed a web frontend for Rotter?

If so this would be extremely handy for the likes of community radio
stations as presenters could just access a web page and take a copy of their

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Hi Nathan,

We're currently using Power MP3 Recorder on a Windows XP machine. You can
download it from:


It's not free, but for us at £20 it wasn't too expensive and runs
faultlessly. We have it set to create a new mp3 file every 15 minutes as you
suggest. It's also really simple to use.

Robert Baker
Radio Hartley Wintney

Nathan Lawson wrote:
> Hi All
> We are looking for a free software logging solution for windows that 
> will record our air output and export the file every 15 mins... Do you 
> know of any?
> Cheers
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