[RDD] Why does ripcd run system maintenance routines?

Bill Putney billp at wwpc.com
Fri Jun 17 05:56:14 EDT 2011


The audio is shared over NFS. The other client works fine. It could be a 
problem with the NIC card in the air studio client playout computer. Yes 
I let memtest86 go through it's complete cycle and it didn't find 
anything. I'm wondering now if there is a disk error somewhere. Maybe in 
the swap partition.

It's not that the automation stops, it's that the computer spontaneously 
reboots itself. Nothing in the /var/log files that I can find where it's 
complaining. It's just happily playing out a log then *poof*! the screen 
goes black and the next sign of life is a BIOS startup screen.

I wouldn't suspect anything to do with the automation except maybe a 
corrupted file that sends Ubuntu off so far in the weeds it can't find 
it's way back.

I haven't been able to find a tool that will build a ram resident OS so 
I can fsck the system drive safely. It could be motherboard or power 
supply too. It started this afternoon and has not been able to run more 
than about an hour between crashes. I just don't have the tools to 
figure out what exactly the problem is. Right now we're running fine 
from the automation client in our production studio.


On 6/17/11 12:16 AM, Geoff Barkman wrote:
> have you tried memtest86? How is your audio shared nfs.  Do you think 
> there might be a network hardware problem.
> Cheers
> Geoff
> Geoff Barkman
>> On 17/06/2011 5:37 PM, "Bill Putney" <billp at wwpc.com 
>> <mailto:billp at wwpc.com>> wrote:
>> Both of my clients do this so I guess it's normal. We're running
>> RRAbuntu and Rivendell 1.7.2. For some reason one of our client machines
>> is crashing with nothing in the messages log except that I see "ripcd:
>> ran local maintenace routines". Seems like kind of a strange program to
>> be running maintenance routines. Like I said I'm pretty sure that's not
>> it. It's probably a memory fault.
>> Bill Putney - KPTZ Port Townsend, WA
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