[RDD] Why does ripcd run system maintenance routines?

Geoff Barkman countryradio at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 03:16:12 EDT 2011

have you tried memtest86? How is your audio shared nfs.  Do you think there
might be a network hardware problem.

Geoff Barkman

On 17/06/2011 5:37 PM, "Bill Putney" <billp at wwpc.com> wrote:

Both of my clients do this so I guess it's normal. We're running
RRAbuntu and Rivendell 1.7.2. For some reason one of our client machines
is crashing with nothing in the messages log except that I see "ripcd:
ran local maintenace routines". Seems like kind of a strange program to
be running maintenance routines. Like I said I'm pretty sure that's not
it. It's probably a memory fault.

Bill Putney - KPTZ Port Townsend, WA

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