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On Wed, 01 Jun 2011 22:09:47 +0200, John Gough <johncgough at gmail.com>  

> Thanks for the replies.  Sounds like 2 cards is two much work for me. I  
> got my hands on a 1010 and am happily up and running.
> Best
> J

Hi J!

Actually it is not that hard to do. No sure what all the talk about  
syncing is unless you want to play back multi-track recordings or  
something like that.

jackd can only be started with one sound card this is true (or a network  
audio interface called netjack or the dummy interface, etc.) After that is  
up and running you can use  the commands:




to add the inputs and outputs of the second or more sound cards.

If you use Jack Control to start jackd you can put the commands that you  
figure out that work to set all this up into a script then in the Jack  
Control>Setup>Options> check "Execute script after Startup" and enter your  
script to start the 2nd, 3rd and etc. soundcards.

More info on the alsa_in and alsa_out commands can be found by running the  
following in a terminal:

man alsa_in


Frederick Henderson

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