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Frederick Henderson frederickjh at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 08:59:30 EST 2011

I guess a better question is does the file system support these  
characters?  I have seen them in filename but tend to stay away from them  
using the equivalents I mentioned.
Or maybe the shell is to blame. I am not totally sure however looking at  
the line from Rüdigers log it appears it was returning a bad filename.

For the file: Nicole Süssmilch & Marco Ma - A Miracle Of Love.mp3  the log  

01-11-2011 - 23:11:38 :  Importing file "Nicole Süssmilch & Marco Ma - A  
Miracle Of Love.mp3" [A Miracle Of Love ] to cart 010200 ... 01-11-2011 -  
23:11:38 :  Unable to import "/home/rduser/Desktop/Drop-Music/Nicole  
Süssmilch & Marco Ma - A Miracle Of Love.mp3", skipping...

So, the question is where is the fault? I do not think this is a MySQL  
query problem but something to do with the file system.


Frederick Henderson

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On Wed, 12 Jan 2011 14:51:11 +0100, Alan Peterson  
<apeterson at radioamerica.org> wrote:

> That was a concern of mine back on Jan 4 when I asked:
>>>> Could this be an issue with invalid punctuation in the title,
> or an alphabetical character that RD is rejecting?
> -AP <<<
> -----------------------------------------------------
> The rest of the files:
> Nicole Süssmilch & Marco Ma - A Miracle Of Love.mp3
> Silbermond - Zeit Für Optimisten.mp3
> Valezka - Neue Männer Braucht Das Land.mp3
> Virginia Jetzt! - Dreifach schön.mp3
> Wunder - Was Hält Uns Wach.mp3
> All have umlauts (äöü) which are unsupported characters at the moment.
> Frederick Henderson
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