[RDD] Grids & Logs

VE4PER/Andy ve4per at aim.com
Tue Nov 30 18:22:30 EST 2010

In the RD OG manual the example screenshot shows a list of multiple 
stations with two logs/grids each, one is the master control log
and the second is the studio log for each station. ( ie like 
WDGYMasterControlLog & WDGYStudioLog ).

I understand the relationships between the clocks, events and grids but 
need a bit of light shed on how these items are used in practise.

I presume that multiple stations are networked via WAN to the main RD 
mysql database and library servers but wonder how they can each have
a set of their own carts in a common database and library? and does 
having multiple stations accessing the central database not create 
record locking or table locking problems that might lead to hang-ups?

How do the two different logs relate/inter-relate to one another in a 
day to day operation. For example, I can see two aux logs running 
with a main log with the outputs patched through JACK to different 
stream servers/transmitters. Where I am a little foggy is running a 
mastercontrol log live to air with a studiolog also outputting through 
the same live to air channel assignments; or worse yet keeping a standby 
studio running as a hot standby to the main studio log without 
interfering with one another?

How does one keep the studio log in sync if the master control log takes 
control and runs a macro cart to switch in a live feed? does the studio 
log have to be created with a dummy entry to ensure a gap in time is 
allotted for the live feed? what determines which log has control at any 
given time? what happens to both logs if the air talent has to interrupt 
for a live urgent news or PSA?

Can 4 or 5 different WAN connected station PD's for example, create and 
edit their own logs without locking up or corrupting  CART/CUT tables
because they all work and edit at theame time?


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