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Frederick Henderson frederickjh at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 03:29:35 EST 2010

On Mon, 29 Nov 2010 23:36:57 +0100, Robert Jeffares  
<jeffares.robert at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am trying to figure out how to handle "Breaking News"  using RD Import
> / Catch and the Dropbox.
> I want to be able to drop items in labelled BREAKING-item
> name-voice.wav  and have Rivendell cart them and play them ONCE
> By putting a Breaking News EVENT in every 10 minutes on the clock we can
> play items as they arrive, well within 10 minutes.
> Is this something I can do in Rivendell or do I need to create a a cron
> job to make it happen.

Hi Robert Jeffares!

Not sure if you are recording these locally or getting them from an FTP  
site. RDCatch would not work for this as currently it only will do think  
on a daily basis at most without setting up a number of items in each day.  
So if you want this breaking news checked for every 10 minutes then cron  
is you best option.

I would write a script to do the following and schedule it with cron.

Check ftpsite or local folder for a breaking news file, if not present  
exit the script, if present use RDImport to import it into the breaking  
news cart, cut 1. Then use RMLsend and a Add Next command(PX) to load it  
in the main log.

If your cart is 000777 and you want to load it into the main log then you  
could use:

PX 1 777!

This will run your breaking news then after the currently playing event in  
the main log. If you want to "schedule" these in the log with events then  
you will need to figure out a way to delete the cut from the breaking news  
cart after it plays so that it will not play again when it comes to the  
next breaking news event in the log. Maybe you could be to have RDImport  
import a audio file containing 1 second of silence, as I don't find a  
command to delete a cut.

Another option would be to somehow daypart the cut to only be good for the  
next X minutes. You would most likely need to use mysql to do this as  
RDImport does not do this in the current version. I think in the BETA  
there is now away to set the date but I do not think there is a way to set  
the start time and end times for dayparting.


Frederick Henderson

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> I have endeavoured to get the remote desktop on the server to work  and
> have been unsuccessful SUSE 10.2 does not want to allow any remote
> desktop access, and given the dropbox works fine for everything else
> it's not a problem.

It is possible, as I have done it but I do not remember how. Something  
with the fact that it did not want to let the remote VNC client by  
default, to hook up with the currently running session but started a new  
X-session. It is better than in 11.2 there the remote desktop is  
hopelessly broken. Do a google for it and you will see. One guy figured  
out he could by sshing into the computer and then tunneling the remote  
desktop ports to his computer where he could then hookup.

> My understanding of "one shot" in RD catch is that happens once only
> ever. I want something that patrols every day.
> Hopefully someone has worked this all out before!
> Robert Jeffares
> Big Valley Radio
> Thames
> New Zealand
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