[RDD] Migrating Audio from one system to another

VE4PER/Andy ve4per at aim.com
Wed Nov 24 16:07:52 EST 2010

When you import new wavs, it will create an entry in both the CUT table 
and the
CART table at the same time. Both tables have title info in them, and 
possibly the cut has to be
there to link to the actual audio file on playout.

  I haven't checked into the code to be certain how, but did see it 
happen when I was importing
mine here and had the troubles with the metadata pattern setup.

I noticed the that the extra text it had added to the imported names was 
in both the CART and
the CUT tables.

You might check with Fred Gleason on this one, as this is an example of 
the relationships
between more than one table I had asked/warned about in the past when 
using MySQL workbench
or CLI to update table  data.


Robert Jeffares wrote:
> I have a Rivendell system which has a collection of audio I would like
> to import into my main system.
> Reading the import notes I find that if the same cart is on the target
> system the import over writes the data.
> Yes the two systems have the same numbering system.
> I can renumber the wav files in var snd by using find replace: done
> I can renumber the carts by using mysql to change the cart numbers by
> adding a constant value: done
> Restart mysql and RD and RD reads the new numbers and track data.
> But there is no audio.
> Check permissions all seems to be OK
> Is there another record in the mysql Rivendell I have to chnge to make
> this work.
> Is there an upper limit to the cart numbers? I changed the leading zero
> to a 1.
> Up til now I was thinking this would be relatively easy.
> Yes I did make a back up first !
> Robert Jeffares
> Big Valley Radio
> Thames
> New Zealand
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