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Fernando Della Torre - Contato contato at fdts.com.br
Fri Nov 19 14:19:09 EST 2010

Hi there,

I have never used RadioTraffic Software, but I'm sure you need to setop the
importers and that must be relatively easy to do.

About the logs, they can be created in any host, since rivendell uses a
central database to store them.
I think you have these two machines networked, haven't you?
Each one of them would be a host on Rivendell database, so they share
/var/snd and the same MySQL database.

Is it OK to you?



2010/11/19 Nathan Lawson <nathanccr at gmail.com>

> Hey Guys!
> I am a little stuck with import paths and things.
> 1. I want to get my traffic log from the RadioTraffic.com software to
> rivendell to create the music logs, how do i go about setting this up?
> 2. I want to create my music logs on another Rivendell machine, will the
> log still load on the Chain to command at the end of the day or do i
> need to transfer it to the studio playout machine?
> Any help is greatly appreciated!
> --
> Nathan Lawson
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