[RDD] Audio on Production Computer

Seth Stevenson programdirector at mountaingospel.org
Mon Nov 15 10:21:52 EST 2010

Hi guys,

I have set up a set production workstation with RRAbuntu. We would like 
to use Rdlibrary to import and edit files, as well as audacity to edit 
and record files. The problem is that we need to use alsa on the onboard 
soundcard for both Rivendell as well as audacity from editing and other 
programs to play audio for evaluation. Of course as soon as you start 
rivendell it uses alsa for it, and the only way I have found for getting 
audio to playback for audacity is to kill the rivendell deamons. This is 
not a very easy way to work, especially for our non-technical users. Is 
the only way to get around this is to install another soundcard, or is 
there an easier way? Maybe I am missing something simple. Thanks for 
your input!

Seth Stevenson
WMTC Radio

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