[RDD] AirMate USB?

Frederick Henderson frederickjh at gmail.com
Sat Nov 13 16:41:52 EST 2010


I should have mention this in my last email but I forgot till after I hit  
send. Henry Engineering makes console called the Six Mix with USB that  
works with any OS they claim. I have seen reports of it working with Linux  
as well.


The SixMix USB Broadcast Console is a full-featured professional radio  
station audio mixer. Its 10 inputs include an integral A/D + D/A digital  
audio codec with a USB computer interface. The SixMix is designed for live  
broadcasting as well as recording, editing, and other production tasks.  
There is a stereo Program mixing bus, a Mix-Minus output, a Cue bus with  
internal Cue speaker, and comprehensive Headphones and Monitor systems.  
Other features include a Talkback system, Guest Headphone facilities, and  
accurate audio level metering. SixMix is ideally suited for use in a  
broadcast studio, news room, radio automation system, remote broadcast  
facility, emergency studio, internet broadcast station, or editing suite.  
With a footprint about the size of a laptop computer, it is a compact yet  
versatile and powerful audio production tool that is intuitive and easy to  


Frederick Henderson

On Sat, 13 Nov 2010 19:54:56 +0100, Nathan Lawson <nathanccr at gmail.com>  

> Hey All!
> We are considering getting a D & R Airmate USB Console... Just wondering
> if anyone would know how to get the USB inputs on the console to work as
> the channels for RDAirplay? Could you please have a look i dont really
> have a test machine and dont want to mess up the on air machines or  
> servers!
> Thank You!
> Nathan Lawson
> Technical Manager
> MaccYouth Radio Network
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