[RDD] Any one seen an Asterisk module for talk show call in?

techdan at bigradio.fm techdan at bigradio.fm
Mon Nov 8 13:23:37 EST 2010


The software runs on a Windows box, but will do what you're looking
for.  I do not have an install, but I did see their demo a couple of
years ago at a show.



On Mon, 8 Nov 2010 08:55:58 -0800
Bill Putney <billp at wwpc.com> wrote:

> I know this is a little off the Rivendell topic but where else would
> i find more Linux/Broadcast folks in one place?
> Does anyone have or heard of a module for the Asterisk Linux VoIP
> phone system to make it useable as a radio station PBX?
> We're building a new station and I'm wondering if I really need to
> invest in expensive telephone hybrids. Seems like the wrong way to go
> at this point in time. We'll be using VoIP for the call in lines and
> if I have to run them through hybrids to get them into the digital
> console that just seems wrong! Two more 2 wire to 4 wire hybrids and
> 2 more A/D-D/A conversions to get a digital phone conversation into a
> digital broadcast console (sigh). 
> A nice transcoder and an AoIP (LiveWire) module with producers
> console in Asterisk would be a nice way to go.
> Telos is the only one making a VoIP to AoIP "hybrid" but it's pricey.
> Everyone else in that market seems to think their 2 wire POTS hybrids
> are the way to go.
> - Bill 

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