[RDD] Hooks, remote studio and Now&Next on webpage

Daniel Bair daniel at familyfirstradio.net
Sun Nov 7 13:32:48 EST 2010

I'm doing such,

If you have setup Rivendell with JACK then you can stream with DarkIce
from jack to IceCast.
And you can pickup a stream with MPlayer, which you can setup in a
script that is called with a RML macro.

It all works nicely,

-Daniel Bair

On Sun, Nov 7, 2010 at 10:33 AM,  Christoph Baumeister
<technik at radioaktiv.org> wrote:
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> Hey folks,
> we successfully replaced our old automation software by rivendell. And it's
> awesome! Thanks to all of you who put so much work into it.
> Now, having set up the basic system and being able to broadcast via
> rivendell, I have three more detailed questions.
> 1) We are using the "hook"-feature; music in the database is tagged and in
> our shows people use the teasing-possibility playing only the hooks from the
> sound panel. Is there any way to play out hooks smoother? Fading them in
> and/or out? And can rdairplay automatically play a drop/swoosh-sound after
> each hook?
> 2) We are running a small, secondary studio connected (call it B) to our
> main studio (hosting the rivendell system; let's call it A) via VPN network.
> I already set up a system in B, and connected to the mysql-database situated
> in A. That works perfect so far. Now I am trying to find a way to "stream"
> the output from B to A, such that it would play out the signal from B on air
> at A. Can I somehow set up a mp3-stream (from B), catch it at A and play it
> out? Can I handle it using makros to stop normal playout, plug in the
> stream, and afterwards get back to normal output (at A)? That would be
> awesome!
> And I guess I could use the same methode to switch to live-reporting
> anywhere I have internet access and can stream a signal to A?!
> 3) I read several discussions on the "Now&Next"-Output. But I couldn't find
> an overall-solution for implementing the Now&Next-Data on our webpage. We
> want our webpage to show the actual song playing out, and, if possible, the
> next and previous tracks. Is it furthermore possible to store a history of
> our playlist with date and time?
> A little question to finish my mail: how/when are logs updated when I edit
> them through rdlogedit? Can I push updates towards an active log?
> Thanks for any help!
> Christoph

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