[RDD] Automatically setting Airdate of files on import

Stan Fotinos sfotinos at rtrfm.com.au
Sat Nov 6 01:38:01 EDT 2010

Hi Frederick

Is the following conversation of any use to you or you have already seen this.


Rivendell 1.7.2
OpenSuse 11.1

Hi Chris,

This feature has been added currently to the 1.7.2 v1_branch. It allows
for rdadmin Dropbox configuration
of start and end dates, as well as manually starting rdimport with
start/end dates.

Not sure when this will be ported to 2.0 since that architecture is
decidedly different.

Hope this helps.

Todd Baker

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That's great you are already working on something.  Not sure how many
others are out there, but it would sure help us out!;-)

As for which version, maybe just going straight into 2.0?  That was my
current plan for an upgrade path anyway, directly from 1.52 (1.6 on my
other machine) to 2.0.

On our dropbox setup, we have a launcher setup for each dropbox.  It
opens a terminal window with rdimport and lets us have a ton of command
line switches.  We then close them when the files are done importingfor
that week.  I avoided the rdadmin dropboxes since we cant add segue
points during import.   Seems to get full use you need to use the
command line switches.

Thanks again!

Chris Emmons
Calvary Radio WVRG-LP 93.9
Crawfordsville, IN

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> >  Dear Chris,
> >  
> >  I actually started working on this.  I made a flag, and start and end
> >  dates offsets for the creation of
> >  files which got put into a dropbox.  These are simply command lines
> >  arguments to rdimport, just like it works now.
> >  Only thing I needed to add was the RDADMIN changes so that there was a
> >  checkbox and offset choice for create start date offset and create end
> >  date offsets.  The only real problem with this is which version to put
> >  this into, and having to do it twice - for current version (1.7.2) and
> >  new one (2.0).
> >  
> >  If people really think they would like this I could finish the rest of

> >  (the RDADMIN change), and see if Fred wants to put it into a

> >  1.7.2 version. And since it would affect the Dropbox Table it would

> >  require a Database Change...
> >  
> >  
> >  Todd Baker
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> >  
> >  Radio Free Asia
> >  2025 M Street, NW
> >  Washington DC, 20036
> >  (202) 530-4900
> >  

> >  
> >  Hello again all!   Have been running a rock solid 1.52 Suse11.0

> >  on air for several months now!   Thanks for the hard work everyone has
> >  put into this.
> >  
> >  A while back I asked about importing airdates during the rdimport drop
> >  box process.   It seems that was not an option, only changing

> >  ones.
> >  
> >  What would it take to add something that uses the "date" command to

> >  an airdate from a filename, eg 061811_blahblah.mp3.  We import about

> >  dated cuts every week, and it is the only thing keeping us from full
> >  hands off imports.  The dropboxes work great to add the cuts, but we
> >  have to go in and manually date them (quickly in some cases, or else

> >  file will play out of order)  Everything we have uses a standard date
> >  format somewhere in the filename.  They are played for that day and

> >  that day.  Does anyone else do anything like that?
> >  
> >  
> >  Thanks again!!
> >  
> >  Chris Emmons
> >  Calvary Radio WVRG-LP 93.9
> >  Crawfordsville, IN
> >  
-- Chris Emmons indychris at imap.cc 
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On 1/11/10 8:11 AM, Frederick Henderson wrote:
> Hi all!
> I thought that there should be a way to do this but have not figured it
> out. We have programs that come ahead of time prerecorded for a specific
> airdate. The airdate is included in the file name. I would like to import
> them and have the Start and End Airdates that they will play set for the
> cut. Is there currently a way to do this?
> I found this which leads me to believe so but maybe only from a header.
>   From the News file v1.2.0 -- 12/11/2008
> <clip>
>    Also new is the ability to apply an automatic date offset to any encoded
> Start or End Date value of imported files.
> <clip>
> Any one got any ideas how this works or how it could be set using the date
> in the filename?
> Greetings,
> Frederick
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