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Geoff Barkman countryradio at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 16:36:10 EDT 2010

Hi Seth
With a network system that I run. My main onair machine runs the mysql
server, holds all the audio files on a large drive, and runs the
Rivendell onair components.

I have 2 addition machines that connect to the same mysql database on
the onair machine and the audio files are shared from the onair
machine using nfs sharing. The client machines, I basically use only
for Rd library and log edit etc.

I have heard of some sharing the audio files using a samba file
share... but you can run into issues with file permissions.

You have to connect to rdadmin on the onair machine and create new
machines and give everything static ips. Then log into Mysql admin or
similar and create Rivendell users for each of the ip numbers of
machines in your network. Give them appropriate permissions to
manipulate the database.

One of the client machines has some dropboxes that a windows machine
drops completed adds etc in and they get imported into the database

Other drop boxes get podcasts from various websites dropped in via
automatic downloads.


On Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 10:18 AM, Seth Stevenson
<programdirector at mountaingospel.org> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I am working on getting a rivendell box into service. Right now I am
> trying to work out all the bugs. I am thinking about setting up a
> production machine for editing work. How does this work in rivendell.
> Can you use a dedicated production computer on a network and share the
> same rdlibrary as the on-air machine? If not, how to you import the
> audio from the production computer to the on-air computer? Right now we
> are using Simian and it has a feature called soundhound that ingest all
> the audio from the drive on the studio machine into the simian library
> automatically. We edit the files remotely and then save them to the hard
> drive of the studio machine and sound hound looks for the file name and
> adds it to the library. Does Rivendell work similar or completely
> different? Trying to wrap my head around the different way Rivendell
> works. Thanks for your help!
> Seth Stevenson
> WMTC Radio
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