[RDD] GPIO via Axia LiveWire not working with an Element board

Christopher Cmolik clc5688 at rit.edu
Tue Mar 9 14:07:58 EST 2010

Hello, all.  
We are currently implementing an automation system using Rivendell 1.6.0, and a machine with an ASI 6585 card, sending audio over LiveWire.
We have a studio done completely with LiveWire, including an Axia Element board.  As part of this setup, we wish to have 'on' and 'off' buttons trigger GPIO events to Rivendell, which can run macro carts.  
Audio works fine over LiveWire, but the problem we currently face is that RDAdmin can't find any GPI or GPO lines from our board.  

In RDAdmin --> Manage hosts --> (the playout box) --> Switchers GPIO, we have one switcher defined, with a type Axia LiveWire, matrix 0.  If I go into LiveWire nodes, and type in the IP address of our board, leaving port 93, and click 'View node info," nothing shows up in Sources, Destinations, GPIs and GPOs.  After Exiting that dialog, and clicking in configure GPIs, nothing shows up.

Any advice on getting Rivendell to work with an Element board?
--Chris Cmolik
IT Specialist, WITR Radio
<clc5688 at rit.edu>

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