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Charles Escobar chescobar at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 20:59:10 EST 2010


Your solution is ok.

Now I has generated the database and I get the database backup for the next
clean installation.

Is not logical that I must remove all mysql-server, but this is the live :)


I see that you are at Loja, I live in Quito.

I want do a simple tutorial in spanish for install rivendell, and now I must
build it

When this will be ready I want your coments.


2010/3/3 Daniel & Lucinda Kahn <Daniel.Kahn at sim.org>

>  Hi Charles,
> What I do when I get a MYSQL error in a new install on Ubuntu is this:
> I check and make sure that "AudioOwner" is correct in /etc/rd.conf, that it
> is my user name, also if you try to start rdadmin with out a rd.conf file
> then things seems to get stuck.
> I go into Synaptic and mark Mysql sever 5.0 for complete removal, but this
> doesn't remove everything.  Then I go to the terminal and "sudo nautilus" to
> get root access to the file system then I go to /var/lib/mysql and delete
> everything that is in that folder, including sub-folders.  I then go back to
> Synaptic and re-install Mysql server 5.0.  After that I start rdadmin.
> Which asks me to create a new database.  So enter 'root' for user name and
> your mysql password and everything seems to work.  If I don't remove the
> contents of /var/lib/mysql everything seems to remain stuck.
> Thanks,
> Daniel
> Radio Ondas de Esperanza
> Loja, Ecuador
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