[RDD] Feature requests following our successful broadcasts

Robert Baker robert.baker at radiohw.co.uk
Wed Jun 23 08:55:05 EDT 2010

Hi all,

Firstly a thank you to all who have written Rivendell and have helped 
get our installation working. We've just finished our broadcasts for the 
year and Rivendell has worked very well for us. Our station manager, 
presenters and technicians have been praising Rivendell and how easy it 
is to use and how stable it runs. Whilst my station manager was 
initially reticent of Rivendell at first, he recently told me that we 
made the right decision in switching to Rivendell and thanking me for 
pushing him in that direction!

In using Rivendell, it is clear that we're not using the full power of 
the system and that is something we intend to do moving forward. However 
there are one or two additional features that would make life a lot 
easier for us if they existed. These are items that have arisen from 
using Rivendell in a live situation and have come from our presenting 
and technical teams.

Our situation is that we are a UK based radio station operating for only 
part of the year under a restricted service license. That means we have 
an overly enthusiastic, but very much amateur team that needs supporting 
for their predominantly live broadcasts. I appreciate this is a wish 
list and I'm not expecting you to do any of these. However these would 
make a real difference to how we use Rivendell and I thought you might 
find some feedback useful:

1) Stopping realtime search returning a full dataset when only 1 
character has been entered. We had to turn off realtime search and it 
was missed. I recall this has been discussed on this forum before and 
this is in reference to that discussion.

2) It would really help us if the logs out of RDLogManager could be 
broken into 1 or 2 hour logs. That way a presenter can edit the logs 
that are relevant for them without impacting other presenters. I can 
immediately think of many ways of achieving this. A config option to 
specify the size of auto generated logs would be wonderful or a per 
clock rather than per day logs is another. Alternatives for us would be 
a function to split a log into two separate logs at a specified point, 
inserting a chain to to make them join up. Or another possibility would 
be some way that changes in RDLogEdit were saved immediately and 
autorefreshed in other instances of RDLogEdit on other PCs. That way we 
could live with 1 day logs and have several people edit different parts 
at the same time.

3) The ability to copy and paste logs would be useful.


Robert Baker

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