[RDD] Best way to do a Satellite program with local inserts?

Lyle Laylin laylinl at lcc.edu
Thu Jul 29 12:18:23 EDT 2010

Maybe not even the best way but a good way?

I run two sat services, one is news at the top of the hour that is always 3 min.
That works great by switching to the service and then a 3 min sleep command.
ST 0 3 1!
SP 180000

However I haven't figured out a clean way to handle the program that we run during the hour.
It provides triggers during the hour to start our local inserts and I have it "working", in that I do receive the triggers via GPI and  run our inserts, but I wind up with a log FULL of messy macros.

My big problem is the wait till the next GPI.

Currently I'm handling it with:
   a macro to switch to the service;
   then a null macro with a stop to wait for the GPI;
   Macro for the switch to play local insert
   Play insert
   Macro to return to Sat.

and repeat twice to the end of the hour.

What I need is a way to accomplish this activity that leaves an (operator) readable log.
The poor kids go nuts when a cue of four (or more) macros just go blip and suddenly an event that was at the bottom the cue shoots to the top.

Thanks for your help!

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