[RDD] Using a 2nd Hard-Drive and Changing Groups Questions.

VE4PER / Andy ve4per at aim.com
Fri Jul 23 11:26:42 EDT 2010

Based on what I have experienced with these installs, I would partition 
the main, what you refer to as the home drive so that the actual /home 
mount is on it's own partition and then with the instructions of 
everyone here move the music to the second dedicated music drive. That 
way when upgrades etc to OS comes out
you won't likely lose the music or data files during the upgrade process.

Keep a sql dump of the RD database on the home drive as well just before 
you do any OS upgrade. That way
if RD isn't in the repositories by that time and upgraded with the OS, 
you can restore huge data amounts easily and then just point a new 
install of RD to the preserved data and music locations saving a bunch 
of time.

Something else you might want to keep in mind when installing multi 
boots, windows goes on 1st then openSUSE, the ubuntu last. If you do 
openSUSE last the boot loader apparently will not show the ubuntu 
installation, whereas doing ubuntu last includes all systems right off 
the hop.

Gmail - Kevin, Natalia, Stacey & Rochelle wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I am thinking of using a 2^nd hard-drive to store my music and leave 
> the main(home) drive just as that.
> I am trying to move the music files I have on the main drive to the 
> 2^nd drive, but whenever I try to follow the instructions nothing 
> happens, the 2^nd drive shows no files.
> I will also need to change the stored directory in Rivendell to store 
> and retrieve.
> The other question I have is. If I have music stored in a group (in 
> this case “Music”) and I decide I want to change it to another group 
> (say a new group “Oldies”), it is easy to change?
> I am hoping I don’t have to delete and re-import?
> Thanks in advance.
> Kevin.
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