[RDD] SUSE Versions (WAS: Re: rdairplay screen size)

Michael Papsdorf - DD-Radio Chefredakteur/Admin chefredaktion at dd-radio.com
Fri Jul 23 06:53:40 EDT 2010

Howdy Gavin & All!

> I'm still happy running suse 10.0 though.
 From a SUSE point of view, it is strongly recommended to switch to the
11.x branch of it at some comfortable time in the future (when you get
new hardware or something). The 10.x branch is out of support for quite
some time now.

The 11.x series is able to upgrade itself to the newest version.
While a running system with 10.x might run perfectly well a few more years,
you are not getting any updates/patches and might run into problems at some
time in the future. So nothing to be terribly worried - just to think  
about it.


Michael Papsdorf
Chefredakteur / Admin
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