[RDD] New Post re previous inquiry about Mysql RD Database filtering

VE4PER / Andy ve4per at aim.com
Thu Jul 22 11:23:12 EDT 2010

That is what I am doing, what I am looking for is a quick reference to
what specific data I need for the reports. Creating the temporary recordset
or table isn't the problem.

I just thought that there might be a big picture representation, whether 
text or diagramatic form,
that may be going to be included in the proposed tech manual that might 
help, rather than reinventing
the wheel as it were by having to go into source codes and/or scripts 
and try and figure it out from there.

Apparently I am unable to access the CVs files as well. I get a 
connection refused every time; don't know why
though I copy and pasted direct from wiki so I don't have to bother 
anyone here for the info either.

Fred Gleason wrote:
> On Wednesday 21 July 2010 11:07:45 pm VE4ER / Andy wrote:
>> What I am looking for is where to find the detailed info on what
>> table(s) each filter draws on when running each of the
>> reports.
> The basic algorithm steps that RD performs when rendering a report in
> RDLogManager can be summarized thusly:
> 1) Load the report parameters (set of hosts, set of services, date ranges,
> etc).
> 2) Retrieve the relevant ELR records for the selected services from the
> <service-name>_SRT tables.
> 3) Combine those records into a single, new 'mixdown' table.
> 4) Invoke the relevant report rendering method, passing it the name of mixdown
> table to operate on.
> 5) Drop the mixdown table after the render is complete.
> Thus, the table you're looking for is ephemeral: a superset of the individual
> queries from the various SRT tables that is generated on the fly when a
> report is generated and then afterwards purged from the system.  The
> persistent raw data lives in the SRT tables, so your options would be to
> query those directly (doing whatever set aggregation is necessary yourself)
> or add a new report rendering method within the RDReport class; the latter
> approach would require coding in C++ but allow you to utilize the full power
> of the native Rivendell report generation environment.
> Cheers!
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