[RDD] Problem in RdAirPlay trying to play cuts without their WAV...

VE4PER / Andy ve4per at aim.com
Tue Jul 20 13:11:16 EDT 2010

There is a broadcast format wav file and a more generally used standard 
wav format that I have come across.

For what it is worth I recall similar problems with imported files not 
working as well. It was posted here, but it was a while back.

When using rdimport to import a batch of wavs & mp3's into /var/snd
the wavs went in Ok but the mp3's also ripped from CD's locally, did not 
import useably.

  As stated here they showed up and if selected fron an external player 
like banshee or audacity they were fine, however RD would show cart info 
in log and start play functions normally, including timing down, but no 
sound was audible. It also was not audible if the play button was used 
when adding the cart to the log to test it before adding it to the log. 
Happened on both Ubuntu and openSUSE Rd boxes.

Timothy R. Elwell wrote:
> On 7/20/10 11:46 AM, drew Roberts wrote:
>> On Tuesday 20 July 2010 12:41:31 Timothy R. Elwell wrote:
>>> Just so we know...this was on our wav file machines...not ogg or mp2.
>>> Also, when listed in the directory, it showed the proper file length,
>>> not a 0 file.
>> This does not seem like it would be the problem in the case you described, but
>> we were just helping out in irc with someone who had wav files but not pcm
>> wav files and there were issues. Not all wav files are what we normally think
>> of as wav files. Just a heads up for people who were unaware of this.
> That is true. In our case, however, these were all wav's created by RD
> itself from ripping CD's.
> Tim
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