[RDD] Problem in RdAirPlay trying to play cuts without their WAV...

Daniel Roviriego danifernando at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 20:23:46 EDT 2010

Most probably, the client imported the file with the /var/snd mounted
locally, instead of mounted at the right server and the access to the mysql
database was pointed right. The suggestion about a checking utility would be
bery nice. I faced that situation too, a couple of times.



2010/7/19 Luigino Bracci <lbracci at gmail.com>

> Hi guys,
> We had a very strange problem here: the WAV file from a cart just
> dissapeared. The cart (and their cut) is shown in the database, but the WAV
> file corresponding to the cut in that cart, just dissapeared from the
> /var/snd/ folder.
> But I'm not writing you for that; the problem is that RDAirPlay had a very
> strange behavior when the operator tried to load and play the problematic
> cart. The operator loaded the cart into the main log (no error messages),
> but when tried to play it, nothing happened. The operator couldn't remove
> the cart from the main log, and he was forced to restart rdairplay.
> I think RDAirPlay should be more robust in that situation, maybe displaying
> an error message when trying to add a problematic cart to a log, or when
> trying to play it.
> BTW, does exist any utility to check all the carts and cuts, verifying that
> every cut have their corresponding WAV file? I've tried with rddbcheck, but
> it doesn't detected cuts with deleted WAVs. I've made a small PHP script
> doing that, I can share it, but I think it would be better if rddbcheck have
> that capabilities.
> Bye
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