[RDD] Convert NexGen Prophet song database to Rivendell

Matt Hart matt at matthart.com
Mon Jul 19 18:27:49 EDT 2010

Hi all,

In case you need it, I created a PHP script that will take the Export list of songs from Prophet and import them into Rivendell, preserving Cross Fade, Fade Up/Down and Talk markers. We used it to convert something like 1300 songs. It also preserves the cart name, but not necessarily the cut number - it just adds those sequentially.

The script runs the Rivendell rdimport application and then updates the MySQL database with the Artist, Title, and Category (user-defined field), plus calculates the proper start and end points, segue markers, etc... based on various fields from the Prophet list.

The script will automatically backup your database after checking parameters.

To use it, just select all your songs in Prophet, then Utility/Export to MusicGen. This will generate an XML file containing the song info.

Share the drives containing the song files and mount them on your Rivendell machine into /mnt/rivendell/[drive]:

For instance, G:\000156001.wav for your Prophet would become /mnt/rivendell/G/00156001.wav by mounting a G:\ share into /mnt/rivendell/G

]# sudo mkdir /mnt/rivendell
]# sudo mkdir /mnt/rivendell/G

]# sudo smbmount //winmachineip/sharename /mnt/rivendell/G -o username=winuser, password=winpass, uid=linuxuser, gid=groupname, file_mode=0775, dir_mode=0775

The script is at http://rocksolidradio.org/uploads/Import-from-PS101.zip

You also need smbfs, php5, php5-cli and php5-mysql installed, e.g. 

]# sudo apt-get install smbfs php5 php5-cli php5-mysql

Many distros install those by default.

Let me know if you have any questions or problems.

- Matt H
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