[RDD] rdairplay screen size

Phil Ashby phil.rivendell at ashbysoft.com
Mon Jul 19 16:54:46 EDT 2010

Cowboy wrote:
 > Personally, I have a hard time imagining a real broadcast operation
 > that isn't 100% fully automated NOT using touch screens ?

Well you can add our community station (Felixstowe Radio in the UK), 
since we run on largely borrowed / old gear unless absolutely necessary 
and are at least 70% un-automated. I wasn't able to convince anyone that 
a touch screen is worth the cost increase.

Given the current location of our screens (on wall mounts above the 
desk), touch screens wouldn't be that useful now anyhow..

I'd like to see Luigiano's (sorry about the spelling!) patches for 
rd.conf and/or rdadmin controlled re-sizable window support rolled in. 
AFAIK there is no specific touch-screen support in RD, just large buttons :)


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