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Cowboy curt at gwis.com
Mon Jul 19 16:50:36 EDT 2010

On Monday 19 July 2010 04:22:00 pm Frederick Henderson wrote:

> Ok, I took a deeper look into this and I think to make it work we cannot
> have projects designed by the people paying the bounty. They do not know
> what can and cannot be done programming wise. The better ways is to have
> the people make suggestions. The developers make proposals called reverse
> bounties. This means the developer puts forth a plan to do something that
> he sees as possible and then folks would vote with their money to make it
> happen or not.

 Just a couple of comments.....
 The concept that broadcast could be fully or partially automated in
 many respects is and was a concept that came from engineering
 to try to maintain quality in the face of declining "talent" quality,
 or a lack of "talent" altogether, for whatever reasons.
 ( may well have been simple budget cuts eliminating people )

 What can be done, is absolutely anything, given enough backing.
 Mechanical automation systems have existed since the first
 Wurlitzer was "wired in."

 Suggestions as to what should or should not be included come from
 the users who actually use the systems in studios on the air in
 commercial venues. Sometimes these are live shows, where the
 immediacy of action is paramount, so the easiest fastest bestest
 way for the live show to accomplish what they need is priority, and
 that's where touch screens originated for broadcast.
 When a $10,000 per minute spot rate morning show in a major market
 needs something, they can generally get it.
 Cost considerations frequently determine what is a need, and what
 is a want.
 Priority is given to needs.
 Follow the money.

 As such, Rivendell *can* do anything you like !
 Contact Paravell and make financial arrangements.
 It'll be forthcoming very soon, and may be released into
 the open source "free" versions depending on the arrangement
 with the paying client.



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