[RDD] RD 2.0

Rob Landry 41001140 at interpring.com
Thu Jul 8 07:48:22 EDT 2010

On Thu, 8 Jul 2010, Aaron wrote:

> Re transition/segue delay, to clarify our use/environment I'm referring to
> the next audio event (from CUT START marker) instantly starting at the
> current events SEGUE START marker.  When I last  checked out RD six months
> ago (DB and audio on playback pc, using M-Audio sound card and on board
> sound), there was a varying delay/gap when segueing - perhaps in the order
> of 50-150ms.  This may not be an issue for some stations, but can sound
> loose/disjointed in our format, and would presumably introduce cumulative
> timing errors in cleanly filling local windows in network feeds, etc. 

In my World Classical Network project three years ago I had to deal with 
this. I built ten Rivendell machines to replace satellite receivers at a 
radio network that was being converted to an Internet-based 
store-and-forward model. Essentially, each affiliated station got a "black 
box" -- a Rivendell machine -- to replace its satellite receiver. The 
Rivendell machines contain copies of the network music library and fetch 
voice tracks and daily logs over the Internet once a day. To the 
affiliate, who still runs his commercials and other local content on 
whatever system he had before the change, there is no perceptible 
difference (except the audio quality is somewhat better); the Rivendell 
box fires his local breaks via contact closures just as the satellite 
receiver used to do.

However, the segue delays drove me nuts, especially as they vary from 
system to system. At the end of the day one station's box may be running 
two mintes early while another's is right on time. I had to modify my 
music scheduling software to include a "fudge factor", then incorporate 
strategically placed 1- or 2-second pauses in order to live with the 
problem. But becuse the format is classical music we can live with it and 
I haven't had any complaints.

Still, it would be nice to be free of it.


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