[RDD] configure issues on Arch Linux

Sébastien Leblanc leblancsebas at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 00:34:00 EDT 2010

2010/7/5 Sébastien Leblanc <leblancsebas at gmail.com>:
> Hello, I had been having problems with the default configure script.
> It won't get through the configuration for some reason related to qt3
> linkage.
> On line 15251 of the configure script, there is an empty 'else fi'
> block wreaking havoc. On my Fedora box, it does not reach this spot,
> therefore I guess the mistake gets ignored if the script does not
> reach this case. However, on both of my Arch Linux boxes, the script
> fails on this line.
>  I fiddled with it a bit and came up with a patch. I simply removed
> the block and it now runs correctly.
>  Attached is a patch for the ./configure file. Run it with command
> `patch -p0 configure.patch'.

Gah, I just noticed that the .configure file is modified after running
the autogen.sh file, therefore the problem lies somewhere inside the
autogen.sh file... one of the autotools having a bug? Or is the
problem within the original 'configure' file or the 'configure.am' or
'configure.in' files?

Thanks for any help.

Sébastien Leblanc

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