[RDD] Best approach for auto-recovery?

ltyndale at cogeco.ca ltyndale at cogeco.ca
Mon Jul 5 11:38:35 EDT 2010


I'm looking for the best approach to auto-recover the system after an unplanned and unattended reboot, and to see if
there's anything I'm missing.

So far my approach is fairly straight forward, following  the suggestions in the Wiki document on that topic.  Putting
the system on a UPS / backup power.  Ensuring auto-boot after power loss is set in BIOS.  Setting up the system to
auto-login and load up RDAirplay with the current day's log, having rdairplay default to automatic.  And putting
hard-timed starts every 30 minutes in the log.

However my question is - if there's a point between those hard-start times when the system reboots for some reason, is
there a way for Rivendell to look at the log, figure out where approximately it should be in the log (if the current
time is between 2 hard-starts), and start playing audio from that point?  I've looked through the Wiki and documentation
and can't seem to find a way to do this.

My thinking is - let's say for some reason the system reboots at 3:10 am when there is no one at the station.  I have a
hard-start at 3:00 and 3:30 in the log.  In this example I could potentially have a situation where the system is up and
running for as much as 20 minutes after a reboot before it starts playing any audio because it is waiting for that 3:30
hard-start time (at least this is what has happened in test scenarios I've run).

My view is if the system is up and running in such a situation - I'd prefer it to be playing audio immediately after the
reboot finishes and RDAirplay has started and loaded the log.  I don't want the system to necessairly have to wait for
the next hard-timed start.

Is there any way to do this, or any method to achieve this that I've missed?


Lorne Tyndale

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