[RDD] RRABuntu and IBM T-30 ThinkPad Install Failure

David Brown davidbrownuk at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 4 17:59:51 EDT 2010

The CD drive in the Thinkpad could be dirty or the laser is worn out and is
not reading the CD correctly.  Is the image recorded on a CD-R or a CD-RW?
The latter can cause problems with some CD drives.


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Good Morning All,


Can someone tell me if they have been able to install RRABuntu onto an IBM
T-30 ThinkPad.

I have this spare laptop and was wanting to use it as a portable RRA system,
but I have tried 3 times to install the software and am always getting the
message that the “install program has an in-recoverable error” just after
the computer starts to boot. It does allow me to continue installing the OS,
but after the 30mins or so of installation and the reboot, nothing, it goes
back to Win-XP which was originally installed.

BTW when asked I said to reformat the whole drive, deleting Win-XP, which it
did not do.


I know the OS will install on other IBM’s as I installed it on a ThinkCentre


Does anyone have any ideas what might be the issue here?


I was going to try a USB Stick, but the laptop can’t boot from USB






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