[RDD] vector art for the RAA

Nikola Paradzik nikola.paradzik at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 12:03:27 EDT 2010

It was just my suggestion, I'm not primarily a designer. You as a designer,
you can probably offer a better solution if you have interest. It is true
that there are many similar solutions, such as modern cars similar to each

I've never seen this logo or heard http://www.kexp.org.

It is also certain that the logo is inspired by someone else;)


On 3 July 2010 16:52, Marcin Marzec <mm at rebelia.pl> wrote:

> First, from designer's perspective (that means mine):
> > 1: five fingers, one above the button. (Button @ sound panel)
> We don't know (from the logo) that the button is over the _sound_ panel.
> It simply doesn't turn the mind over the radio. It could be logo for
> telecom
> or home alarm manufacturer, etc. There are many things that we use
> with our fingers. It's not unique for Rivendell. I agree with Fred that the
> radio tower is better corresponding with radio that the touchscreen
> button...
> > 2: VU meter
> It looks like spectrum analyzer, not the VU.
> > 3: Buildings in the city, with a tower from which to broadcast radio
> > signals.
> Nice try, but I don't believe it ;-) But try at some advertising agency!
> ;-)
> Las but not least, take a look at KEXP logo. And this is just the top
> of the mountain.
> http://www.kexp.org/
> There are many logos with that pattern. Why to create another one if
> it's not the original?
> Greets,
> djc
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