[RDD] vector art for the RAA

Marcin Marzec mm at rebelia.pl
Sat Jul 3 10:52:47 EDT 2010

First, from designer's perspective (that means mine):

> 1: five fingers, one above the button. (Button @ sound panel)

We don't know (from the logo) that the button is over the _sound_ panel.
It simply doesn't turn the mind over the radio. It could be logo for telecom
or home alarm manufacturer, etc. There are many things that we use
with our fingers. It's not unique for Rivendell. I agree with Fred that the
radio tower is better corresponding with radio that the touchscreen button...

> 2: VU meter

It looks like spectrum analyzer, not the VU.

> 3: Buildings in the city, with a tower from which to broadcast radio
> signals.

Nice try, but I don't believe it ;-) But try at some advertising agency! ;-)

Las but not least, take a look at KEXP logo. And this is just the top
of the mountain.


There are many logos with that pattern. Why to create another one if
it's not the original?


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