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John Hamill john at jhamill.com
Fri Feb 19 20:14:48 EST 2010

hi folks
sorry i dont know what ive done but the whole web server is down
ill fix it tomorrow
sorry guys it wont do diddly except Oops! This link appears to be broken.
On 18 February 2010 16:28, Cowboy <curt at gwis.com> wrote:

> On Wednesday 17 February 2010 09:14 pm, John Hamill wrote:
> >  Not trying to put anyone off so don't slag me for this I'm just trying
> to
> >  guage the interest in my efforts and whether its worth publishing to the
> >  public and see who is interested in developing this along with me.
>  Based on the overwhelming positive response we've seen so far,
>  in this small audience, I'd say you have your answer !
>  I'm not fond, and becoming increasingly less-so, of those folks who
>  seem to be following the M$ model of "everything web" such as
>  VMWare Server 2.x where the browser is *the* thing.
>  Resource hog, and dependent on various browser characteristics,
>  as well as additional resources to run the browser.
>  As an *added* means, a web interface is a terrific idea !
>  I like webmin quite a bit for that reason.
>  It's *a* way, but not *the* way.
>  SO, the general consensus seems to be that you've done
>  a good thing.
>  Bravo !
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