[RDD] Ogg Patch and Ogg branch in CVS

Michael mbarnes at srnradio.com
Thu Feb 18 12:34:13 EST 2010

That sounds a lot like the automation system WRN was using when I got 
there.  It was called Wings.  It was actually written for DOS, but put 
on Win 3.1 (later Win9x) to handle networking. But it used the Antex 
SX-23 card.  The audio files all had an .atx extension, but they were 
MPEG2 files.  When I started setting up Rivendell in 2003/4? I had to 
convert everything over so Rivendell could use it.  IIRC, I just had a 
script file that changed filenames and fed them in via the dropbox 
import feature.  Seems to me it took something like half an hour or so 
to transfer some 3,000 carts from Wings to Rivendell.

I just jumped in because of your description of your old automation.  It 
just sounded so much like Wings.  Of course it also sounds a bit like 
early Scott Studios, too.


supersaw told me, On 02/18/2010 03:25 AM:
> Wow! This is awesome! Thank you Stefan!
> Our current radio automation system - written for Windows 3.1 - uses
> mp2 as native format. It works with old MPEG2 based Digigram ISA
> soundcards, so it's pretty outdated. That's why I'm planning to switch
> to Rivendell. Our entire library is in mp2 format so your patch could
> be the ultimate solution.
> Best regards,
> supersaw :)

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